Bovada Poker Review - U.S. Players Accepted

Poker players living in the United States have a friend in Bovada! This online poker room measures up to the high standards that should be expected from any legal poker site, and Bovada fits that billing. As a name that many people know in the online gambling industry, Bovada is back by a solid reputation and top of the line certifications to ensure that accounts here will be glad that they made the choice to go with them. Whether it's the efficient deposit methods, the world class games that are offered, reliable customer service or other features, there is much to like here. Bovada welcomes U.S. players with open arms.

We want to lay out the details of the poker room at Bovada though, giving our readers the information to go into the site and hit the ground running if they choose to go with them. Bovada should have everything that an online poker player desires, but in some cases bettors might be looking for other things that they need. For example, Bovada's deposit options might not be compatible with what you are able to fund with or prefer to. That's ok. The goal here is to give a brief run down the list of important attributes of this legal poker site.

Is Bovada Poker Legal For U.S. Players?

One of the most important things to address right away is the legal status of a poker site like Bovada for American players. This is because poker sites in the U.S. are banned federally under the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. But relax prospective Bovada players! Bovada is completely legal, based outside of the U.S. And all states but Maryland, New York, and Washington can sign up. Bettors must be at least 18 years old, plus of age to gamble in their state.

Is Bovada Poker Safe + Legit?

Bovada poker is very fair, and has all of the prop licensing required to operate. They offer up their 'Certificate Of Good Standing' as per the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which details their license status. Meadway Leisure Limited is the company that operates Bovada, which launched in 2007 and is recognized as one of the industry's best gaming businesses.

The poker room at Bovada is governed by a strict set of rules and regulations that is a two-way street between the player and the site. Bovada holds up their end of the deal by ensuring fair gaming practices, for which details are available on site for this as well. The site also ensures that no cheating takes place on either side of the equation.

Bovada Games + Poker Tournaments

The headliners of any online poker site will be the games and formats that are offered. All of the other stuff is important, don't get us wrong, but the biggest draw that a poker room will have are the different gaming options available. Bovada is quite loaded in this regard, ensuring that their players will have plenty of different games to play. Among the most popular games is of course Texas Hold'em, the granddaddy of the World Series of Poker. But the game options don't stop there. Omaha, Stud, and Hi-Lo formats for each. Even if you only know how to play one of the games Bovada offers lesson on how to play the rest.

Once you have a good hold on it, try your hand at the tournament options available. Get in on some big time action with tons of prize money. Get after it on Super Sunday at Bovada, where $170,000 in cash is available to win!

Bovada Poker Stakes And Limits

It's understood at Bovada that not every player will be coming in with the same bankroll. There will be some big players, and there will be some smaller players. But the good news is that no matter what your deposit into Bovada is, there will be some table and tournament action to get in on.

Cash games can go anywhere from $.02-$.05 upwards of $30-$60. Bovada has some sit-n-go tables where players can get in for as little as $1 plus $.10 for the rake. But for bigger players than can go up to $200 with $15 for the rake back. As far as tournaments, players can be looking at various entry fees all the way up to $200. The Super Sunday tournament is $150 +12 for the $170,000 in available cash. There are also even some World Series of Poker tournaments that players can try to gain entry to with wins in certain tournaments.

Bovada Poker Deposits + Withdrawals

Putting money in and getting money out of an online poker account shouldn't be a hassle. Bovada tries it's best to make this transfer easy, and put the focus entirely on the playing of poker. But depositing is a necessary step to playing for real money here. Among the methods for U.S. players includes a Visa card. This is any card with a Visa logo on the card that can be utilized. Bovada also has what they refer to as Rapid Transfers. In detail, these transfers are either a Western Union transfer or a MoneyGram.

On the other end of the transfer process stand payouts. This is where the player requests to withdraw money from their account and have Bovada send it to them. Options on the table include a check through a courier system, which can take a few weeks. Rapid transfers in the formats we mentioned for deposits are also available.

Can You Play At Bovada Poker For Free?

The account that a player creates at Bovada is free to sign up for, thought to play for money on site a deposit will be required. Therefore money in an account will have to be in there for the player. However, there are other options to play for free at Bovada and not have to make a deposit to play some tournament action, which is a nice feature.

Bovada Poker Bonuses

Bovada has deposit bonus option that matches every dollar deposited up to $1,000 on the first day of an account. From there, players are able to earn poker points over the course of the next 60 days where the bonus is then earned by how much a player plays. Up to $1,000 in total bonuses can be achieved.

Outside of this deposit bonus is the option for other types of specialty promos that go on throughout the course of the months. Bovada frequently offers their account holder new promotions to take advantage of, whether through tournaments, or other outlets.

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